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Big Ideas and New Tools Gained at SHRM National!

  The national HR conference was held 3 weeks ago in New Orleans. Over 15,000 professionals attended, and I was glad to see that once again small organizations were represented in force. There were a number of hot topics, and lessons learned on the exhibit floor. Since many of community

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Getting the Authority You Want Through Credibility, Influence, and Reach

We are seeing a dramatic increase in Human Resources (HR) professionals that are considered a member of the leadership team and impacting the strategic initiatives in their organization. In order to make a full impact, HR leaders need to have the authority to carry out initiatives as part of that

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This VUCA World – Will we ever get control?

VUCA – the new buzz word in business – seems to fit on most days for all of us. The descriptor of a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous is becoming the new norm. The idea of the acronym is that we can no longer sit back and

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It Takes Two to Make a Leadership Connection

HR is continuing to make inroads in the leadership arena, but work is still needed. There is a renewed awareness that HR is a critical function of organizations. Boards are focusing on HR skills and holding CEO’s accountable to be more aligned with their HR functions. CFO’s have long been

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