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Mentoring Matters

The recently published article on Women in Leadership provided a compelling argument for mentorship. We know from research that formal mentoring programs are effective methods for developing leaders. They reinforce corporate values and provide development opportunities that are aligned with the needs of the organization. As I participated in the data

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The Ceiling That Just Won’t Crack

In a new and DDI survey, participants were asked to comment on both the current presence of women in leadership as well as the programs their organizations offered for high-potential team members. I was part of the team asked to analyze the data and comment on what was happening in the

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5 Steps for Taking Your Career Up a Notch in 2017

Business people in all professions look to move beyond administration and completing tasks in their function to becoming a strategic contributor. Now you just need to figure out how to convince your leadership that you are the person for the job! Taking a road map from my 3rd book Taking Your

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Webinar — Doin’ It on Your Own: An HR Department of One

Sole member HR departments are saddled with administrative tasks, while they often have the desire to participate at a more strategic level. At the same time, many sole department HR professionals have additional responsibilities moving the organization forward. Our program will provide tips at getting the administrative components completed –

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