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Employee Handbooks Remain Critical

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Communication with employees and managers is as essential as it ever was. In our face-paced, disconnected world – it is essential that you have written policies to guide your business. In doing so, you have a legitimate defense that your organization has one set of practices that are fair to all employees.

A good employee handbook should be reviewed annually. The management team should agree they are still operating according to the written policies, and revise those that no longer accurately reflect the company process. Legal precedence should be considered and new policies added as needed. A good overview appears on Inc. Magazine’s website to share with managers that may be skeptical of the process.

Review your handbook today to ensure you have the following policies in addition to the basic work information:

  • Anti-harassment policy that reflects the process and culture of the organization
  • Genetic Information and Notification Act (GINA)
  • Social Media – what employees can and can’t post and view
  • Detailed FMLA if over 50 employees
  • Updated IT and Email policies including BYOD as discussed in this newsletter
  • Ethics policies reflective of your corporation

There are still executives and trusted advisors that believe handbooks may be more harm than help. There is some agreement with this process – some of which is outlined in this article.

As with all HR decisions, consider the pros and cons of a handbook and how they align with your culture. Make a strategic decision of how best to incorporate and keep compliant your organizational policies and procedures.

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