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Fire HR Now! Working with HR to Shape Up or Ship Out

“HR departments cost money and spend the day telling managers what they can’t do.”

We frequently hear this from CEOs of mid-sized firms. In our proprietary survey of nearly 450 companies, this was closely followed by, “HR is a necessary evil.”  How do executives know the value that HR can bring? Should it have a limited, administrative function—or be outsourced altogether? Or should it be expected to have a transformative role—adding value to the top and bottom line every day?

Lori Kleiman is no stranger to these questions. Not only does she have 30 years of experience as an HR professional and consultant, she also founded and built two companies. This led her to design a process to help executives make informed decisions about their HR function.

Fire HR Now! is based on Lori’s popular book of the same title. This interactive program deals with the issues that cause CEOs the most pain:

  • Reflecting on what they really want from HR
  • Dealing with an HR Department that doesn’t meet their needs
  • Evaluating HR leaders to see if they are capable of taking the next steps
  • Taking action once they’ve decided on the best direction

Lori delivers facts, tips, tricks and best practices in a way that appeals to executives: a bias toward actions that improve their operations right away, practical resources and tools to support progress, and a professional style with a dash of humor. She customizes the program to each audience’s needs—from 45 minutes to a full day—and can focus on the special needs of a particular industry.

Let Lori help your business audience pull together all the pieces of their HR function, to support their continued growth!

Download a one-page PDF of this program overview here.


Lori was great – extremely thorough, very knowledgeable, gave great tips in regards to how to approach the materials, the questions and the test.
JR - Asst. HR Manager - and new SPHR


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