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Lori supports your goals in a number of ways:

  • Asking about your agenda and adapting what she offers—from content to format to timing—to meet the needs of your audience and you
  • Customizing her programs “on the fly”—to give participants what they want
  • Handling all of her own travel arrangements, making her “low maintenance”
  • Participating in other conference events—so she gets to know your audience
  • Making time after a program to answer confidential business questions
  • Offering 30 minutes of free consulting—by phone or email—to every participant

Just as important, Lori Kleiman isn’t focused on the next sale— This means she’s truly there to give your audience what it needs

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We had Lori come in and train our team on time management, and I realized I could best manage my day by connecting with others. The mastermind group has helped me do that. Instead of writing policies, I reach out to the group, get samples and in minutes rather than hours I have my new policies. The speakers allow me to advance HR knowledge without ever leaving my desk!
Susan S.E.


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