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Your audience deserves content that is relevant and customized to their needs. When they go back to the office – they should have identified 2-3 items that they have the tools to act on immediately. That’s what Lori delivers — in a funny, fast paced and interactive way!

Lori supports your goals in a number of ways:

  • Asking about your agenda and adapting what she offers—from content to format to timing—to meet the needs of your audience and you
  • Customizing her programs “on the fly”—to give participants what they want
  • Handling all of her own travel arrangements, making her “low maintenance”

  • Participating in other conference events—so she gets to know your audience
  • Making time after a program to answer confidential business questions
  • Offering 30 minutes of free consulting—by phone or email—to every participant

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Commonly Requested Topics
Pre-approved by HRCI and SHRM

Stand Up and Be Noticed: 5 Steps to Taking Your SEAT at the Table (business credit)

Struggle with getting your CEO’s attention? Feel stuck in compliance and administration? How do you expand your perspective — and get the recognition you deserve? Audiences walk away with an understanding of how to take control of their career by being a Strategic Executive who is Action-oriented and embraces Technology.

Yes! You do have a crystal ball: HR 2027 (business credit)

Its not good enough to be a great HR department – you need to embrace the future trends your business is facing to stay relevant. Explore the top megatrends CEOs are watching for the next 15 years, and consider how you can use these to forecast where you need to focus your human resources initiatives.

10,000 STEPS… Taking your career beyond your fit bit

Taking your career to the next level is not always as easy as doing a great job where you are today. Moving to the next level often requires a different skill set then being just a great HR professional. This session is designed to empower integration of an HR career with the rest of the organization.

Control the Chaos: Excelling as a HR Department of One

Sole member HR departments are saddled with administrative tasks, with a desire to participate at a strategic level. Looking at the HR function through the lens of the CEO is helpful to understand where you need to focus – and how to align your goals with those of the organization. You can get it all done!

Employees: Can't live with 'em, Can't live without 'em

Employees are the backbone of every organization and managers know that. When the focus is on getting new customers, creating new revenue streams, making a profit and being innovation – who has time to make employees happy. Aren’t they here to do a job anyway? Well yes, but they still need to know they make a difference. In this program, we’ll look at how happy employees can support your corporate initiatives and actually give you time back. And, it can all happen with minimal effort and budget.

HR Hacks: Demystify HR for Small Business

Human Resources doesn’t have to be mysterious in small business.  Leaders know how important compliance and employee management is – but who has the time?  The typical small business person is doing all they can to keep customers coming in the door and profits on the bottom line. Our interactive program will walk leaders through the five major questions that can cripple long-term growth of all organizations:

We have the answers to these—and the other HR issues you face. Our program gives you the answer you need to implement changes that will transform your business.  Walk away with tools you can use tomorrow!

Control the Chaos: Getting control of the VUCA world

The world at large is ever changing, and our organizations and employees are doing all we can to keep up.  The days of going off to a strategic planning retreat, planning a 5-year vision and executing it are gone. We now operate in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA).  What do you as the practice leader have to do to adapt to this new and ever changing worlds?

We will identify what causes a VUCA environment and how you can identify where your practice is on the continuum.  Then we’ll give tips to address your situation – whether Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous or all 4.  Looking through the lens of HR, we review the common needs of your workplace today and give tips and suggestions to align HR with the changes in the organization, ensure that you gain the resources you need, and establish yourself as the visionary team member that is helping to drive your organization forward.

Additional Speaking Topics:

Where’s Waldo? Finding Top Talent in the Crowd

Align Your Stars: Performance Meets Strategic Goals

Compliance Conundrum: 6 HR Regulations Every Business Needs to Know

Control the Chaos: Excelling as the HR Department of One

Is your audience looking for:

Demystify Human Resources
Assessments That Deliver Strategic Results
Compliance Conundrum: 6 HR Regulations Every Business Needs to Know

Lets Talk Leadership: 5 Steps To Making An Impact
Stop Waiting For Your Invitation: Drive Growth And Engage Strategically Today
Good To Great: Navigating The C-Suite For Long Term Results

Its A Two Way Street – Participate In Your Review Today!
It’s Gotta Stop! Harassment And Diversity Programs That Work
Control Your Chaos: Time Management Tips And Tricks

Where’s Waldo: Finding Top Talent In A Crowd
Recruit Them Right: Retain Them Forever
Facilitated Conversation And Trainings With Teams/Departments

Align Your Stars: Performance Management Meets Strategic Goals
No One Wants To Be Managed: Performance Conversations For Success
Show Them The Door: Critical Decision Making Tools When Its Just Not Working

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Lori Kleiman is an HR speaker, author, and thought leader who shares 30 years of human resources experiences through her keynote presentations, concurrent sessions, small group facilitations, and books to help take the mystique out of Human Resources. Lori Kleiman has more than 25 years of experience advising companies on HR issues. Lori has a Master’s degree in Human Resources and is certified as a SPHR and SHRM-SCP.

” Lori’s presentation was insightful, fact-filled and right on target for our group of small business owners. She is articulate, approachable and a consummate professional. “

– Walt Denny, President, Walt Denny Inc. The Home Products Agency

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