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Get Execs to Say Yes to Critical Expenditures

“It’s not in the budget.” “You must do more with less.” “We need a better return on our investment.”

These responses usually end any discussion. But you still need to reach the goals for your department—and gain access to resources that others control. How do you get approval from management on the necessary expenses to do this?

Lori Kleiman knows. She understands what it’s like to “pitch” executives—from her 30 years of experience as a business owner and consultant. She founded, built and sold her first company to a Fortune 1000 company, so Lori knows what business leaders are looking for.  She now is the managing director of an organization that brings HR issues to life for organizations.

This led her to design a process to create winning internal proposals for functional expenses. It starts with helping your team move past the “I need it” mentality and into ways to present a valid business case. She helps you train and empower your people, so they come to you with a proper analysis—and don’t waste work time with wishes and incomplete information.

Get Execs to Say “Yes!” to Critical Expenditures gives you the tools to educate your team on these critical areas:

  • Understanding expenses
  • Aligning goals and budgets
  • Gathering information
  • Ensuring accountability and evaluation

All of this can be accomplished in just one hour—or a three-hour workshop in which participants actually craft their plan for a current need! Lori delivers facts, tips, tricks and best practices in an appealing and insightful way: with a sense of humor, a bias toward actions that immediately improve your process, and practical resources and tools to support it. She also customizes the program to focus on the special needs of a particular organization or industry.

Let Lori help you and your team create and present more compelling cases for getting expenses approved—so all of you can look good by meeting your goals.

Download a one-page PDFof this program overview here.


The presentation Lori made to our group was energetic and informative. It prompted me to return to my organization and evaluate some key HR processes with my team. Her advice and insight was very helpful.
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