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HR 2015: What Does It Look Like?


We consistently see messaging that insists HR move toward a strategic role. The advent of technology and the independent nature of our workforce have minimized the need for HR as an administrative function. Add that to the reduced margins in most organizations and the increased pressure on overhead, and HR can no longer be sustained as a function whose primary duty is administration.

Most interesting is the message being sent from the corporate board to HR Directors: Develop our leaders and improve talent management. Boards and CEO’s are tired of hearing about performance management programs that don’t work – they want results. And those results include engaged employees who can adapt to change and organizational growth.

An interesting report out of the UK shows trends in the HR function that apply globally. This one page overview of the study shows interesting facts about the changes we see in recruiting and the overall make up of the HR function. Note that LinkedIn is the most heavily increased source of ad placement, while leaders still rely heavily on their professional networks to find top talent.

As you consider the HR function today – be sure you have a strategic leader aligned with your organization. As I discuss in my first book, Fire HR Now, if you have an administrator in HR its time to get the person trained, or make a change. HR’s mission today is to assess your corporate strategy and ensure that the organization of today is ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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