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Excerpt from “HR Hacks,” Release Date: Feb 15, 2017

Do you handle HR for your company and feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions? The fix is on the way with HR Hacks!Human Resources is relevant to ALL businesses.
The beginning of every year is a time for goal setting and reflection. The overall structure of your business is generally evaluated and plans made to set the organization up for success in the new year. All organizations need someone who is focused on the human capital in your business. The question is who should it be, and how will you get it done? In the first section of HR Hacks, we will provide guidance so you can determine what is right for your organization in terms of human resources management.

What are you looking for  from your team?
The person watching your human capital should be charged with the responsibility of aligning business goals with employee actions. Studies have proven that high-performing organizations are those that consider recruiting, retention, and development of top talent as a key component of the strategic plan.  It doesn’t have to be time consuming, just a part of the process. The first step is to think about the complexity involved with the human capital in your organization.

There are trade-offs for not having dedicated HR.
You also want to consider the amount of time your management team is spending on HR activities, rather than running the business areas they have expertise in. I had one client that saw profits rise by bringing in a full-time HR professional to address the time the department managers had to focus on running their various departments. Use the tools from HR Topics with your leadership team and have a meaningful discussion about HR. Consider the time they are spending on HR, ability to attract and retain talent, where you want them to be spending time, and what they may be hearing from their direct reports.

What’s the right answer for us?
There are no right answers as to how HR will be visible in the organization based on your situation. However, we believe that by considering the questions of HR focus versus time in functional area as a leadership team, you will be driven to the right solution. Throughout HR Hacks, we share benchmarks and tools that will lead you to the right decision for your business.

Do you handle HR for your company and feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions, to the point of exhaustion? The fix is on the way! Look out for next week’s email on my HR Hacks to make your life A LOT easier.

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