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HR You Can Use: Answers to the 5 Issues Keeping Business Owners Up at Night

Here’s the sad truth: most businesses have a self-defeating approach to human resources.

We know this—and the other HR issues they face—because of our proprietary survey of nearly 450 companies, averaging 78 employees.

Organizations with fewer than 200 employees often don’t require—or can’t afford—an HR professional. That means they frequently parse out pieces of the function to several people. This can get them in trouble—from a process or compliance standpoint.  And that lack of HR focus always keeps HR in a transactional rather than a transformational role. Executives never see the true meaning that would allow them to reduce their expenses while doing a better job running their companies.

Lori Kleiman—through 30 years as an HR professional and consultant, focusing on small businesses—has seen the waste. She designed this program to help business leaders end it.

HR You Can Use: The 5 W’s of HR answers six key questions that can stymie small business leaders:

  • Who needs HR anyway?
  • What is involved with a functioning HR Department?
  • Where should HR be located in your organization?
  • When is the right time to bring HR into the organization?
  • Why should you even care?
  • How will you get this done and not kill the bottom line?

Lori delivers what often can be complex information in a way that appeals to business leaders: with a sense of humor, a bias toward actions that improve their operations right away, and practical resources and tools to support their progress. She also customizes the program to the needs of each audience—from 45 minutes to a full day—and can focus on the special needs of a particular industry.

Let Lori help your small business audience pull together all the pieces of their HR function, to support their continued growth!

Download a one-page PDF of this program overview here.