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Connect with Your Team: Don’t Go It Alone!

connect with your team

We all have day to day stuff to get done, and often just doing it the way we’ve always done it is the easiest. Lots of employees have ideas, but who has time to listen to all of it? And so many of the ideas are self-serving and expensive that

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Where’s Waldo – Your New Team Member May Be Right Under Your Nose!


The face of your candidate pool has likely changed a great deal in the last 20 years. We know that people are moving from one job to the next more quickly these days. But is that a problem? Yes, you spend time training only to have them leave in many

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A New Definition of Teams: Adding Augmented Reality

augmented reality and the new face of teamwork

As professionals in the workplace, we have to carve out time to look into the future. The crystal ball of what may or may not be coming down the pike is essential information to have as you evaluate options and create new initiatives for your business. Human Resources in the

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Debunking the Millennials Myth


Millennials are the workforce of today – and as many in my world know – some of my favorite team members. They were born post 1981, and have seen an awful lot in their lives. Think about it, Millennials have seen the incorporation of technology into our daily lives, lived

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Winter Is Coming! What HR Pros Should Remember


As we move into fall, it’s time to give thought to how you are going to handle issues when the snow begins to fall (for most of us at least!). And for those of you lucky enough to live in mild climates, there are always hurricane’s, storms, floods, etc. that

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5 Keys to Managing an HR Department of One

5 keys for the HR Department of One

It is increasingly common that a sole practitioner run the HR department for an organization. The position varies from a high level HR leader to an organizational team member doing HR alongside other functions for the organization. Regardless of the experience and totality of the position, sole HR practitioners can

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Leadership Theory and the 5 C’s of Survival

The literature on leadership theory seems never ending.

Are leaders made or born? Maybe a bit of each. We have heard a great deal in past years about leadership theory, and it all makes sense! A factor that we now know must be considered is the specific situation, what makes a great leader in one instance may not

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Why Employee Happiness Is So Important

  A study shows that employees are 12% more productive when they are happy…so the simple answer is Yes! The study out of the University of Warwick shows that when employees are happy our profits increase. This also helps to explain why companies like Google and Zappos have invested in

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What You Need to Know About Compensating Employee Travel

Compensating Employee Travel

It’s a question I get all the time: If an employee travels for work, what hours does the company have to pay for? The Fair Labor Standards Act guides all rules relating to employee pay. While there are state laws that are more generous toward employees and must be followed,

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Workplace Privacy: How Closely Should We Monitor?

Open office designs became popular to break the traditional barrier between management and employee. The idea of open space is to increase collaboration among work groups and allow for more flexible work environments. But have we gone too far? We all value privacy in our daily lives. There are times

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