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Job Board, Newspaper, Employment Office, Social Media… Oh MY!

Here are 5 opportunities you can use to find the best people for any job in your organization!When considering a marketing plan for your business you look at a variety of placements. You know by now it’s not enough to get a booth at a trade show; you need to advertise, have a sales staff, and internal customer service to support your messaging. It’s no different with recruiting.

There are multiple ways to find a new team member, so many, in fact, you it may be overwhelming. In this article there are some interesting ideas from others in business.

During internal training I conduct in organizations, we talk about working on the candidate pipeline as a never ending “to do.” There are common areas managers should be familiar with and interact with on a regular basis. When we train managers to fill the candidate pipeline, we discuss 5 opportunities to uncover top talent.

  • Social Media – The most common formal recruiting today is done through social media and the Internet. Popular job posting sites include Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and Career Builder.  Craigslist can also be a good source of candidates for hourly and entry-level positions.
  • Internal candidates – You are not required to consider current employees for an opening or post positions you may have available. However, moving a current employee to a new role can be a very effective way to provide growth and retain top talent.  Filling a critical position with someone whose character and skills you are familiar with is often advantageous to the continuity of your business.
  • Educational institutions – Long term connections with local colleges, universities and trade schools can be a huge help in filling open positons quickly. Become familiar with programs that directly train in the positions that are open most frequently, and get to know the professors and program chair.  Have them identify top students and offer internships and tours to introduce them to your organization.
  • Networking – You can’t tell enough people about your openings. It is proven over and over that people only refer those that they are proud to recommend.  Generally, employees that come through your network will be proven before they even walk through the door.

The placement of your marketing efforts should be specific to the industry, position, and other criteria that define the ideal candidate. For instance, you would not advertise for a new CFO the same way you would look for a manufacturing employee. Be thoughtful and public in the way you search for team members and stress of your next open position will be minimized!

Lori works with organizations to help managers and HR professionals gain these skills, as well as develop systems and programs that work within your unique organization. Visit our website to learn more!
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