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Moving Up: Taking It to the C Suite

Professionals often are rewarded for handling organizational details. Joining the C Suite requires a different skill set.

Does your audience struggle with getting the CEO’s attention?  Do they feel stuck in compliance and administration?  How do they expand their perspective—and get the recognition they deserve?

Lori Kleiman knows how to create upward career mobility. Her 30 years of experience as an HR professional and consultant taught her how to “speak CEO.” Lori also founded and built two companies. That means she understands the three things business leaders want from emerging leaders. One: a focus on big picture issues and creating solutions for them. Two: an understanding that business is a series of risk/reward decisions. Three: an appreciation that their business unit must make a meaningful contribution to the top and bottom lines.

She shares these insights—and more—in Moving Up: Taking HR to the C Suite. Based on Lori’s popular book Fire HR Now!, this program gives business professionals tangible tools for advancement by addressing CEOs’ top concerns:

  • Succession planning
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication
  • Analysis and forecasting
  • Leadership skills
  • Change management

Lori delivers facts, tips, tricks and best practices with a sense of humor, a bias toward actions you can take right away, and practical resources and tools to support your progress. She also customizes the program to the needs of each audience—from 45 minutes to a full day—and can focus on the special needs of a particular industry.

Let Lori help your audience of professionals propel their careers to the top of the corporate ladder!

Download a one-page PDF of this program overview here.