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What Do You Need from HR in 2017?

Learning the administrative tasks of HR is not the hard part. Many members of your team can quickly learn and complete the tasks associated with payroll, benefits and compliance. Finding talent that can embrace the soft skill of being able to work with the line workers and executives at the same time is a critical skill.

HR should be the conduit between high level decision making and implementation at the employee level, regardless of the size of your organization. It’s critical that you have a team member that will align with your business goals and portray a positive image of the management team always. Due to the size of many organizations, it’s common to find that this mission critical function is given to a team member who has other responsibilities as well.

While this can be very effective, it’s equally important that the individual is interested in the role. Giving HR to a team member that has little skill or interest in human resources can be as bad as not addressing the situation at all.

HR and Accounting

Often the leader responsible for HR also has responsibility for the accounting function. While this is effective when the role is exciting to the individual, there often is a disconnect between skill sets. Can you imagine two more different personality types than an HR executive and a chief financial officer? While your accounting leader can and will learn the HR activities, it is often found that HR is a part of their job that comes last.

Taking on ownership of the HR function is one thing, but typically your CFO must spend more time than necessary finding answers to questions and learning the best practices in human resources administration. There are almost always pressing financial issues, and your CFO’s time is generally better spent analyzing reports that will drive the business forward rather than walking new hires through initial paperwork.

How do I pick the right person?

Lori Kleiman's new book "HR Hacks" answers many of the questions you have about what your HR Department will need in 2017! In small organizations, HR is generally handled by someone with multiple roles. However, it is no less important. Those few hours a week can impact all the budget items we discussed earlier quite quickly. Give thought to your needs, and then select the right person on your team to be responsible for the human capital management in your business.

The team member your employees view as their contact must be able to explain and support leadership decisions and policy. Allow the team member you select to have access to the strategic information and basis for leadership decisions. This will allow HR to be a trusted resource for employees and provide a connection with the organization that is so important to employees.

How do I figure out how many hours a week it will take?

In our toolkit – HR Hacks
– we walk you through the steps to determine what is the best fit for HR in your organization. Pre-order your copy beginning next week!

They need to understand where the business is headed and what challenges lay ahead. Only with this information will they be able to recruit and develop talent to support the organization of the future.

(The preceding is an excerpt from Lori Kleiman’s latest book, “HR Hacks,” scheduled for release February 15, 2017.)

Do you handle HR for your company and feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions, to the point of exhaustion? The fix is on the way! Watch your Inbox for my HR Hacks to make your life A LOT easier.

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