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There’s a New Form in Town!

The new I-9 form has been rolled out, and you must begin using it immediately. Here's a list of helpful Do's, Dont's, and notes on the new process.

Yes, the new I-9 is available and you must be using it immediately. The form is not dramatically different, but it has changed – and it’s now available electronically. Effective immediately, last week actually, you must use the new form for all new hires. The fines have nearly DOUBLED, and the new administration has immigration on their radar, so now is not the time to play around!

Immediate action steps:

  1. Download the new form. You can either print the form and fill it out by hand as always, or use the electronic version. The advantage to the electronic form is that it will check each field to be sure the form is properly completed. You can access the form here.
  2. Get a copy of the instructions. They are now 15 pages long and have to be given to each new hire. The recommendation is to send them to new hires before their first day of work electronically.  You’ll find them on the same site.
  3. Audit your current I-9’s. Now is the time to be sure the I-9’s you have are completed properly and you have one for each employee. Lori’s new book, HR Hacks, being released in February have lots of tips to manage this – stay tuned for the pre-order sale next week!

Notes on the new process…and some old information that’s still relevant!

  • You need one form per current employee….but only the form that was current when they were hired. DO NOT complete the new form for all employees – only those hired after January 22, 2017.
  • For terminated employees – you must retain the form the longer of 1 year from date of termination or 3 years from date of hire.
  • The digital smart form is NOT FOR ELECTRONIC STORAGE. While it can be completed on line, you and the employee must still print the form and sign it by pen…yes, the old fashioned way!
  • To either form – sections can no longer be left blank. They must contain N/A in any field that is not relevant.  A good example would be middle initial for someone that does not have a middle initial.
  • Employees must check the box indicating that they did or did not use a translator.

In addition to the government website regarding the I-9, good information is available on the site of the Society of Human Resources here.

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