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Employee Retention: You Picked ‘Em, Now Keep ‘Em!

Retaining top talent starts on the first day of work. Consider engaging your new hires even earlier, before they start work, with a welcome phone call from their manager or peer. Properly introducing and assimilating new employees into your organization will have a positive impact on their performance and engagement for years to come.

In HR Hacks,we identify five main objectives of new employee orientation. Each aspect is critical. It has to be a planned process; orientation doesn’t have to be completed during their first few hours on the job. Think about the activities and action steps below as touch points to be developed over the first 60 days of employment.

Employee retention starts on day one.

New hire orientation does not have to fall on the shoulders of a manager or human resources. Pieces of the process can be assigned to various members of your team to allow for interactions and introductions. This is a great way to engage other members of the team and be sure everyone is feeling included in the process.

Spreading the activities out during the first few months will allow you to check in and be sure your new hire is assimilating into the organization. Use this opportunity to be certain they have received the training and resources they need to do a great job.  Allow the new hire to use these meetings as an avenue for conversation about issues and skills they may be struggling with.

Keeping an open, ongoing dialogue is a great connection for managers to include with all their direct reports. The interaction should not stop after 90 days. Keep talking (and most of all listening!), and you will have a workforce that supports your long-term goals.

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