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Fire HR Now!

Fire HR Now!

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“HR departments cost money and spend the day telling managers what they can’t do.” 

We frequently hear this from CEOs of mid-sized firms.
This was closely followed by, “HR is a necessary evil.” 
How do executives know the value that HR can bring?
Should HR have a limited, administrative function–or be outsourced altogether?
Should it be expected to have a transformative role?
Should it add value to the top and bottom line every day?
Fire HR Now! is a thought provoking book for both CEO’s and HR executives.
The book addresses the issues that cause CEOs the most pain, and provides HR executives a path for addressing those issues: 
* Reflecting on what CEOs really want from HR
* Assessing HRs alignment with business goals
* Evaluating HR leaders capability of meeting corporate needs
* Taking action once they’ve decided on the best direction
Using a survey developed for the content of the book, CEO’s and HR executives can have a constructive two way conversation leading to decisions of where HR is best aligned in your organization. We look at the needs of the organization and the skills of your HR team. At the same time, the book encourages HR leaders to evaluate if their career aspirations can be met in the current organization. After reading the book, both the CEO and HR leader will be able to take the next step to ensure HR is aligned with the organization.
Lori delivers facts, tips, tricks and best practices in a way that appeals to executives: a bias toward actions that improve their operations right away, practical resources and tools to support progress, and a professional style with a dash of humor.


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