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Join an HR Mastermind Group

Join an HR Mastermind Group

Become part of a great group of 10-14 HR professionals like you, who are experiencing or have experienced the same challenges. You receive the support you need in a format that is not taxing on your time.

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Join our HR Mastermind Group and you will have a network of peers to address these and others that are important to you! The group setting will provide you a place to challenge expectations, set goals and stay current with the ever-changing world of HR. In our monthly tele-conference meetings we will discuss the latest compliance issues as well as other educational topics. The conversations are kept confidential, allowing you to share issues with total honesty and gain support and respect from peers. We act as each other’s devil’s advocate and push back to help you make your initiatives the best they can be. And… as a member you will have full access to an amazing database of HR topics maintained by employment lawyers in real time.