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Terminating Employees May Be a Blessing!

There are those employees that will never be top talent, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get them on your page. You aren’t doing them a favor by just letting them coast in a job. They aren’t learning anything new, and know quickly they are in a dead-end job. You want to provide feedback and communication and always consider terminating employees to be your last resort.

Unfortunately, not all communication with employees is positive. When issues arise regarding performance, it is critical that you address it immediately. Your goal is to identify any job-related issues as early as possible and coach the employee to improve. If you have concerns about an employee’s performance, you need to discuss those concerns with the employee immediately. With immediate feedback, employees can improve, and if they don’t improve, your decision to terminate the employment relationship should not come as a surprise.

Nine step process in coaching and termination

Leaders must be willing to terminate poor performers. While it will always be the worst part of a management role, retaining employees that are not productive will pull down the productivity of the entire team. After constructive conversation and training, the decision may have to be made to terminate the employee.

Consider these steps for an effective meeting on performance alignment when a situation requires immediate change:

Taking the final step

Using these nine steps, you will often make it clear to the employee that their job is in jeopardy. This has the advantage of meeting your obligations of compliance, and often encouraging the employee to find a new job sooner rather than later! As an update to HR Hacks in 2017, we provide community members with a template to write a separation letter. No manager likes to fire people; by following this process, you will either turn the situation around or know that you did all you could before the inevitable happens.

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