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You Can’t Hire Top Talent If You Don’t Know What You Need

Top talent is valuable. Ready to make a change? Step back, and make sure you know what the organization really needs.

An employee comes in and tells you she’s leaving… or worse yet, someone just doesn’t show up one day. So you hit Craig’s List, and let all your friends and business associates know you need to hire someone now. Not so fast! An opening on your team gives management the perfect opportunity to step back and evaluate what the organization really needs moving forward. Don’t focus on the perfect or ideal list of what you want. Think about what you really need for the future.

When a team member leaves, evaluate the workload and options you may have to get the work done. This may be an opportunity to change things up for your current team, or utilize resources that
may not have been available in the past. Have you considered:

  • the impact technology may have had on the position. You may be able to get portions of the function done more quickly with great accuracy by implementing a new technology.
  • interest of others that may already be cross-trained. Now is the time to let others shine! It may not be a promotion, but in small organizations, employees appreciate being trusted with something new. In larger organizations, change can provide engagement that retains your top talent.
  • how this position fits with the rest of the department. Is now the time to move positions around to change up your management team? Possibly one manager is well suited to manage a larger team, while another is aligned better with a non-personnel leadership role.
  • ability for this to be a part time, flexible or remote work position. Does this function need to be done in house, 40 hours, every day? You will open up a larger pool of labor if you allow for the possibility of flexible work.
  • possibility of outsourcing. Sometimes jobs are best completed by those with deep expertise in a specific area. You don’t have to outsource a full function, but outsourcing tasks within a job will allow the others item on this list to be explored.

Take the time to assess the position and the needs of the organization to determine what the next step should be. Give thought to aspects such as new skills required, use of technology, and interaction with customers. Start with a thorough analysis of the job as it is today.

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