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Training in Human Resources

HR is ever changing – and the only way to stay on top of it is to engage in training events. It does take time and money, but the information gained can make dramatic changes in your organization quickly, and with far less expense than engaging an attorney when things go wrong!

How do I decide which to do?

The first thing to consider is live or recorded training – and don’t discount the importance of reading and staying on top of current changes that way. It is essential to align yourself with an email service that will send you frequent updates that are easy to scan and determine what is useful to your organization or not. Live conferences will require travel, but have the added benefit of networking and informal problem solving with other attendees. There is also live training conducted over Internet these days – such as our test prep and mastermind programs. Check out how cool it can be to interact with other HR professionals from the comfort of your home or office! Webinars have the added convenience that you can not only do them from a convenient location, but most are offered recorded, allowing you to watch when you want.

What are good HR conferences and webinars?

Some of the more popular training opportunities include a combination of these activities.

Email Blasts – look for a law firm in your state with a great Employment law practice and be sure to join SHRM for a great email service.

Webinar services – Two that I think are especially relevant to the audience and provide a great deal of bang for the buck are Business Management Daily and BLR. Both have multiple levels of membership and allow you to join one off webinars, or purchase programs for the full year.

Live Conferences – SHRM annual conference is the flagship event, and every state has their own SHRM conference on a smaller scale, as well. I also find the conferences presented by BLR to be excellent. Come see me at Recruitcon and Thrive in Las Vegas in May or SHRM in June!

What’s this all gonna cost me?

Ideally, an annual training budget for a team member charged with HR responsibility should be in the range of $1,500 to $3,000 annually. This would allow the novice HR administrator to attend a few entry level programs, and your more experienced HR professional to attend one or two annual conferences to stay on top of industry best practices. If that seems out of reach, there are generally programs conducted by employment law firms in your area at no charge that should be attended annually.

Lori’s new book HR Hacks provides updated, ongoing training opportunities for all our members!

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