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Training Is The Best Defense

Training is the Best DefenseThe government continues to come after small business for employment law infractions. Consistently, we see there is not a desire to run afoul of the law, but rather lack of knowledge by managers. Your managers are focused on meeting the demands of your organization, and try to do the right thing. However a lack of knowledge and training in the world of employment law creates issues.

The California Chamber of Commerce has a great document helping employers identify the top 10 ways to get sued. While California is especially vigilant in going after employers, the 10 items in this document are great topics for all employers to consider. Do your managers understand your policy on employment law topics? If not, now is the time to train.

The top issues that are common for managers to create liability in include:

  • Understanding who is entitled to salary and who must be hourly
  • Ignoring known issues of medical conditions or harassment
  • Allowing payroll deductions that are not compliant
  • Terminating employees without understanding the implications

At a recent HR National Convention, Labor Attorney Aaron Zandy was quoted as saying “HR professionals don’t get companies sued. Managers get companies sued.” Managers need to be trained in enough HR to know what issues they need to consider before taking action. Our program “HR You Can Use” offers managers the level of training that is appropriate – and will provide you much needed protection if issues arise. We also offer webinar and book options on the topic.

We all get caught up in the need to get the work out. Our management team is taxed and the last thing they want to do is hear about compliance. But when you look at the fines that are levied, it’s easy to understand why taking 2-3 hours out of a day to understand the context of business decision making is critical for the long term success of your operation.

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