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Who Wants to Be Managed, Anyway?

We all talk about performance management in human resources; however, the question being asked today … Is performance yours to manage?We all talk about performance management in human resources; however, the question being asked today … is performance yours to manage? You need employees who are effective and engaged. As adults, we hope our employees will take responsibility for that on the job. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Productivity and alignment are two of the most important processes at your organization. When feedback is provided effectively, employees will see the link between what they do and what you need to be successful. They will understand what needs to be done, and how it impacts the whole organization. Lori does training on this vary topic, to see a FREE webinar on the subject – click here.

Studies indicate that the employee in the workforce today does not want their performance managed, but they are craving feedback. Employee feedback has a very real place in your organization.  It will impact:

  • Employee’s performance aligned with your goals
  • Meeting the very real obligations you have for compliance
  • Engaging your employees so they are excited about your organization
  • Planning for the future of the employee and the organization
  • Supporting your employees desire to do a great job
  • Ensure that the activities of employees are aligned with your strategic objectives

The focus today has moved toward frequent conversational feedback sessions and a limited reliance on formal documentation. Harvard Business Review published this article two years ago talking about the changes in performance management. Ideally, a monthly sit-down with manager and employee will serve your organization well. While it can seem overwhelming to meet with employees monthly, quarterly is generally workable for most managers and will still provide an acceptable level of engagement with your team. If you decide on quarterly, at least have an informal “Hi, how are you” with your team members monthly!

Consider your current performance review program and update to meet the needs of your team, and the trends for effective management we see in 2017.

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