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What Should HR Be?

HR adds value in today's ever changing business world.

We’re talking so much these days that HR should not focus on administration, what does it really mean to focus on strategy? HR may not be planning the strategy for the organization, but they need to be involved. More importantly what I tend to stress is that they need to be strategic in the initiatives they start. Our recent blog points to reports on the same topic.

Align new HR programs with the success that drives the business forward

HR should focus on employee productivity. A good HR partner will connect with management peers to understand what they need in their departments. Where are the bottle necks, are there new skills they need from candidates? Is the real issue the need for more people, or is it time for a job design and evaluation project. Not sure how to start this? Use the performance management process in HR Hacks to determine necessary training and ensure that employees have the tools they need to succeed.

Engagement belongs to HR – and everyone else!

Engagement and teamwork have to be fostered. Department managers often let this fall to the bottom of their to-do list. HR can develop programs that involve all levels of the organization. The initiatives can be a way to highlight successes, disseminate corporate level communications and allow for the development of cross functional solutions.

Bring technology to your organization. A recent report showed that 30% of employees will leave if your technology is not up to date. Innovation is critical, why not look at ways to use apps and other social media platforms to highlight company specific programs. Integrate the employee experience with artificial intelligence to support employee ongoing needs that are strictly administrative.

So what is HR for you?

HR does not have to be the place an employee goes when they need a new ID card, or a copy of their paycheck. HR should be tuned into what drives the organization forward and what matters to the leadership team. Then the job of HR today will be the face of the leadership team driving these initiatives throughout the workforce. HR should be the area that’s responsible for enabling employees to get work done in efficient and productive ways.

This is how HR adds value in today’s ever changing business world.

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