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Where’s Waldo? Employees Aren’t That Hard to Find!

One of our most-requested programs is on recruitment, and finding top employees. The good news? Its NOT difficult! These 5 tips should help.

It seems the #1 HR speech requested today is my recruiting program on how to find and retain top talent. I have been presenting the topic of recruiting for associations and internally within organizations for groups of managers responsible for interviewing prospective employees. The main concern I hear is that we meet people, they seem great, and then within a few days into the employment relationship it’s an obvious disaster. The second question is where can we find people, especially for participants that may be in smaller areas.

Here are 5 tips from my recruiting program on finding top talent in today’s world:

  1. Always be looking – wherever you are, if you see great service connect with the individual and give them a business card. We can train people to do most of the jobs we need, but kind hard working, customer oriented people focused on your business is a much trickier person to find. When you see them in action, grab them. Think of it as an interview in progress with every public interaction.
  2. Embrace social media – Candidates are looking at what you are saying on Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and the rest. Watch the message you are sending, and be public anytime you have an opening. And, they expect to be able to apply on line…from their phone. Don’t ask a million questions on the application, get the basics and then set up a phone interview.
  3. Consider nontraditional options – You don’t always need a full time employee in the office. I love to hire human resource professionals who have left the workforce to be stay at home parents for my small business clients to fill their HR functions. Can you utilize the network of global talent available on upwork or fivvr? Would two part-time employees accomplish the same work – and save you on benefits? Think outside the box and embrace the way we work today… not your old model for 1985!
  4. A meaningful employee referral program – Employees will always recommend people they are excited to work with. If they know their nephew is a lazy guy who doesn’t really want to work, they won’t suggest he be their next co-worker. But if they have a nephew that has always been a go-getter, is polite and helps at family functions you’ll be the first to know about it. However, $25 is not going to get your employees excited about helping you find great people. Have a program that compares with what it really costs you to find great talent, and let your employees reap the rewards.
  5. Branding – You’ll never hire great people without a great image. Pay as close attention to your employment brand as you do your marketing. Your website should have a careers page showing people at work…with a smile. Your employment application should be representative of your operation, not something you’ve been copying over and over since 2009. Show candidates the image you expect them to have as your employee.

There is so much that can be done in recruiting to ensure you have the employee team in place to drive your operation forward.  For more ideas, check out my short video on you tube!

Lori Kleiman is an HR expert who presents to business people and groups. Click here to see a video of Lori in action. If you’d like to have Lori keynote one of her HR presentations at your upcoming event, click here, or email Lori directly at!

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