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Bring Your Own Device

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Organizations are finding that allowing employees to connect to the internal systems via their own phones can be cost effective and far easier to manage. Employees prefer the ability to use their own equipment, in contrast to the days we had to carry two phones – one work/one personal.

However, when HR, IT and Legal all start discussing the implications of such a policy, there are many details that need to be worked out for the program to be effective for the organization.

Some of the key considerations include:

  • Will the company reimburse the employee for any portion of their monthly fees
  • What right does the organization have to see what is stored on or accessed from the device
  • What happens to the data when the employee leaves the organization
  • Are there minimum requirements of technology to access your system
  • What if non-exempt employees are accessing the system after normal work hours?

The web is filled with information about creating BYOD policies. The two we find most helpful are from WHITE HOUSE and PC WORLD.

However you embrace electronic connections to your systems, be sure the program is well thought out and reviewed by an attorney.


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