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Make 2018 the Year to Invest in Your HR Career

invest in your hr career

Now is the time for setting goals for 2018 and likely you have at least one that has to do with getting ahead in your current position, finding a new job, or figuring out a way to make more money. That’s why now is the time to invest in your HR career to start achieving your goals.

So many of us desire to get our careers to the next level. And while you may know what is needed to take the next step in your HR career, you don’t always have all the skills today to get yourself there. Thankfully, in the HR industry, there are a number of options one can choose to help increase their knowledge, develop new skills and advance their standing in the profession. Today, I’ll be sharing some great ways you can increase your value so you reach your goals for getting ahead.

5 Ways to Invest in Your HR Career

To get on the track to growth and advancement, the first step is determining what new skills you need to acquire in the new year to get you where you want to go. So, what are some of the ways to find out what’s going to make the biggest impact? Here are five suggestions.

Informational Interviews

Ask people who have the job you want to meet for coffee or lunch.  Ask what software, skills or courses are most important to their success. Even better, find the leader of the team you want to be on, and ask them what makes a great team member.

invest in your hr career by interviewing

Look at Job Ads

Look at job ads for positions you want, not so much to apply, but take inventory of what they’re looking for. Are their skills or software programs that are mentioned over and over again?  Do they ask for certification or course of study?  How many years of experience is needed?  Keep track of the keywords so that you can add those to your resume in the future.

Industry Certifications

Almost every field has a certification these days, and odds are if you want to make an impact and get to the next level, you’ll need one, too.  In HR, we know that higher salaries and more mission-critical positions are given to those with certifications.

Here is a great graphic of all the ways certified HR professionals benefit from the designation:

invest in your hr career with certifications infographic

This is true of every industry, so find out what certification makes sense for you and how quickly you get it done!

Colleges, Universities, Certificate Programs

If you are looking to change your area of focus, look at what programs are being offered today.  This can be a great way to learn what’s needed (and popular) by seeing the commonalities. The institutions do the research for you – they know what employers want, and offer courses to meet those needs.

Consider your own style and how you are most effective at learning new material. We all absorb information differently, and you can choose from online classes, self-study, and traditional classroom work.  Some are all day workshops; others spread materials over many weeks.

You should also consider if you are interested in additional benefits such as connection with the instructor, networking with classmates and the ability to go back and review materials through online portals that may be available.

invest in your hr career with education

Most employees decide what they want, ask their supervisor to fund it and then accept the answer. That’s great… if the answer is yes, but your long-term goals may not align with the organization, and their budget may not cover what you need.

Consider this instead: You put a significant amount away each year in your retirement plan (hopefully!), why not take some of those dollars and invest in your future through education and certification? Think of the impact $750 you spend today can have on your total income for the future.

What better way to kick off the new year than to give yourself the gift of the career of your dreams!

Want to get started investing in your HR Career? We have two great opportunities for HR professionals available now. Our first is our HR Test Prep LIVE Class that starts on January 30th to get you ready for the SHRM or HRCI certification test. The second is to grab a copy of our book, Taking Your Seat at the Table, which is designed to help you design the path of your HR career.


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