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New Technology Advancements in Recruiting


We all know that technology has influenced the recruiting space. Once was the day that we counted words in an ad to keep our help wanted notification in the Sunday paper affordable. Now, if we’re just curious about who is out there for a position we post an ad and see what happens. I recently had a client who wasn’t sure how to define the position, so we posted 3 ads for 1 week each at a total cost of $247.20. Years ago that would have been impossible.

Now, even the traditional job board has stiff competition. Monster and CareerBuilder no longer own the on line posting space. Sites like Indeed and LinkedIn are flexible and attract the younger generation in their job search. But even those traditional sites are now finding they might be outdated.

Job seekers are using their smart phones for everything from searching for jobs, learning about organizations and even completing the on line applications. There are many Apps for the smart phones that help the job seeker target the right job. This article, in Business News Daily, highlights common apps that job seekers are using. Indeed and LinkedIn have popular apps to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Online dating is now entering the job search as well. Elevated Careers by E-harmony is in the early stages of a new system that will use the principles of making romantic matches to the job search process. And when we think about it – is it really all that different?

Systems are starting to be developed that claim they can actually review and consider resumes with the nuances of an HR administrator. Using artificial intelligence they claim to match the right people to your position by comparing your job description to the candidate profiles. The systems look at candidate patterns of past behavior and compare that with what steps the candidate is most likely to take in their career. They then recommend the right resumes for your consideration. One such company – Burning Glass has an interesting model. While I have not used the service, the idea continues to reinforce the ability to use technology in the recruiting process.

While it is not anticipated that a computer will ever be able to replace the personal interview – or interpersonal relationships that must be evaluated in an interview, it is likely that the administrative task of resume review will be completed more accurately in the future by technology. Which continues to bring us back to the conclusion that HR needs to get out of admin and into the business side of business!

Photo by Andreas Klinke Johannsen used under the following license.

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