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PHR/SPHR Certification – Now Is The Time!


This blog is specifically directed to HR professionals that have not yet achieved their PHR or SPHR certification. If you ever thought it was a good idea (and it is), this fall is the time to get certified. Getting certified shows that you are committed to the field of HR, and you took the time and energy to study for the exam. Most importantly, it gives your peers the confidence that you have the background in HR to provide insight and recommendations on business decisions.

I am sure you have heard that SHRM has announced that in 2015 they plan to initiate their own certification. The PHR and SPHR will not be going away; there will be two additional certifications HR professionals can attain. This will be an interesting turn of events as we all see how the market responds to the new types of certification. To learn more about the new SHRM certification click here. The truth is, no one really knows what this will mean going forward.

That’s where the real advantage comes in this fall. All HR professionals who are PHR/SPHR certified by the end of the testing period in Jan 2015 will be able to apply for the SHRM certification with minimal effort. It is my understanding that you will complete a one-hour webinar, show proof of your current status, and sign a document or two – and you will have the new certification for the first three years it is available. That is why I believe so strongly now is the time!

By getting your PHR/SPHR certification this fall, you will have both certifications for the next three years. Then you can sit back and watch to see how the SHRM certification takes off, and which you want to renew – or both.

Scared of the test?  I have the answer for you. I teach a web based live class on Saturday mornings that will get you ready. The curriculum was developed by Carolyn Sperl, HR review, and is a question-based program that will help calm the test taking nerves. In six weeks, we address all the material you will need to know and give you lots of test taking tips and tracks. The program is more affordable than the SHRM learning system and takes far less classroom time to get ready.

Don’t miss this one window to get yourself certified!

Photo by Helmut Kaczmarek used under the following license.

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