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The HR executive of today is entrenched in the latest technology and evaluating how it can be embraced to meet organizational profitability.  Many executives feel their workers are not sophisticated enough and they can’t be trusted with hr technology. If that’s the case, get new people!  If employees cannot figure out how to get through an open enrollment process online, can they really be trusted to use the new CNC equipment in operations, or the accounting system they need every day in finance?

Of course, there are those employees in basic functions within your organization that may not have the ability to handle technology.  Solutions can be created to meet the needs of this small group, but don’t negate technology for the masses to accommodate the exceptions. HR has a reputation of always seeing what can’t be done, and telling managers what they can’t do.  As a group, HR has to overcome this perception and be problem solvers for the business, just as is expected from every other functional area.

Embrace technology as a way to increase the efficiencies of your HR department and improve the experience for internal customers. Managers want to pull data and run reports from anywhere in the country.  Employees want answered a benefits question at 3 a.m. Applicants want to know their status without bothering HR.  A simple Human Resources Information System can make all of this happen with little ongoing effort by the HR department. As with any change, there will be pushback and glitches, but once the implementation is complete the ability to focus on meaningful projects will create a HR organization that in aligned with corporate goals and works with the management team to create ongoing value.

A large number of HR vendors include productivity improving technology with their products, many of which may be included in the price you are already paying. Payroll systems, benefit vendors and job posting websites are three common examples. We see that many organizations with the ability to use digital/virtual employee files still insist on filing paper copies.  Having a back-up is critical, they say; creating work for people is what you should say!

Technology is the wave of the current, and has to be supported by the HR function.  In the market today, HR technology should be available to your organization as a part of the payroll and/or benefit function.  The translation to significant cost savings across the organization is one that you should expect your HR executive to highlight for you. Implementing technology in any area of the organization is a daunting task, but one that typically pays for itself in the end.  Your HR team should be exploring all avenues possible to enhance the service and productivity of the workforce, including the HR department.


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  1. You are correct that HR should embrace technology no matter if white collar, or blue collar. There is a technology convergence between payroll, benefits administration and HR admininstration, and the best organizations are taking advantage of this.
    However, it can be difficult to see past the slick sales presentations to find the best technology solution for a company. It is suggested that a HR technology consultant is used.

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