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The Biggest Workplace Time Killers

What's the biggest waste of your time at work? conducted a survey of 1,300 people – mostly small business owners and other professions about how much time they spent on a variety of activities. The Top 10 Time Killers at work will not surprise anyone working in an office environment time.

The winners – Email and Meetings. Big surprise right?!?!?! We all feel that email and meetings are often a complete waste of the precious time we have during the day. While they seem to be a necessary evil at the office, we know we could get a lot more done if they just went away!

The real question – what do you do about them? We know we’d like all the email to go away, and many of the meetings we attend have nothing to do with initiatives that will help drive our organizations forward.

Meetings are a topic of much research and there is a “right” way to run a meeting. Consider this article by Neal Hartman, a senior lecturer in managerial communication at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Email is another place for vast improvement for much of the workforce. There is nothing worse than that person that has still not figured out the difference between “reply” and “reply all”. And what really is the protocol for replying to an email with a simple thank you? Inc. has some great tips in an article that you may want to share with your office if email is one of the things bogging you down each day.

While these may not be revolutionary ideas, now may be the time to stand up and say ENOUGH. Is it time for your organization to review current habits and hold all employees accountable to improve the level of both your meetings and email communication? This is one place that if you ask for suggestions and for people to conform to expectations most of your employees will appreciate the effort!

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